Why are orchids a perfect choice for your office, lobby, special event or home? Orchids not only are exquisitely beautiful, but they are beneficial to your health, business growth, improves employees’ moods, reduced stress, increases happiness, and can be linked to economic health.

Here at Orchids for Hire, we grow our own orchids as well as, work with national and international growers to bring our customer's the highest quality orchids available.  

We have several species of orchids to choose from: Phalaenopsis orchids (are almost always available), Cattleya, Dendrobium, Oncidium, Cymbidium and Miltoniopsis orchids (available at select times during the year). 

Gifts Available!

Monthly Rates Starting At $85

Large Custom Arrangements Also Available 
(Priced Individually) 

 Some Varieties Are In Limited Quantities
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Orchids For Hire

Orchids For Hire, Virginia Beach, VA 
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Our Services / Pricing
About Our Concierge Service / Pricing
Orchids for Hire offers an orchid/ plant concierge service, a customized care program for all your orchid and plant needs. 

This exclusive service is designed to help you achieve the ultimate results for your orchids and plants which includes one on one direction by our orchid/plant specialists. All supplies will be included as well as on call support for problem solving.

Our concierge service is tailored to your individual orchid/plant needs. We educate you on how to maintain your orchids and plants to their fullest beauty and potential!

This exemplary service includes advanced care instruction, supplies needed, and our on-call support for problem-solving is always included.

We delight in sharing the secrets of caring for your plants and re-blooming techniques with your orchids. 

Gifts Available!

Concierge Service (with orchid purchase)

Initial visit: $175.00 - Price includes one orchid - Follow up visit: included

Concierge Service (without orchid purchase)

Initial visit: $100.00 - Follow up visit: $50.00 orchids.
About Our Orchids / Pricing
About Interior Tropical Plants / Living Plant Walls / Pricing
Our Interior Tropical Plants & Living Plant Wall products use a variety of plants in their creation, based upon clients' needs and a number of factors that go into installing and maintaining them. Our goal is to create stunning live plant murals that establishes the Wow factor so many of us seek.

Living Plant Walls are panels of plants, grown vertically on structures that can be either free-standing or attached to walls. Living Plant Walls are also referred to as vertical gardens, green walls, or Eco-walls.

Living Plant Walls are used indoors for companies and properties that want to create a unique decorative space. Living Plant Walls add color and a unique design element to lobbies, meeting rooms, office areas, hallways and reception areas.

Living Plant Walls make a powerful visual statement to clients and potential customers. It also provides all of the documented benefits of plants to buildings and the work environment. 

Interior Tropical Plants & Living Plant Walls are a great option to create a natural environment at home or in the workspace. Studies have shown that Interior Plants & Living Plant Walls help improve creativity, increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve the air quality, making them the perfect addition.

Gifts Available!

Monthly Rates Starting At $85

Large Custom Arrangements Also Available 
(Priced Individually)  

Some Varieties Are In Limited Quantities
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Orchids for Hire is a distinctive service that will conveniently maintain and replace orchids and plants on a regular basis. We provide orchids, interior tropical plants, and living plant walls for businesses, homes and special events. Keep your home or business looking beautiful with Orchids for Hire. We proudly serve the Coastal Virginia area. We also provide creative interior plant design services.

Let Orchids for Hire provide you with fresh beautiful blooms all year long.

Try us today!