At Orchids for Hire we grow our orchids and care for them naturally. We use natural predators and materials to fertilize, combat pests and fungus (lady bugs, spiders, neem oil, fish oil) 

When the orchid petals start to fail we use the petals for centerpiece arrangements. Once the plant has finished blooming we return it to the greenhouse where it will rebloom in 4 to 6 months. The plant is used fully and the process repeated. We find this to be environmentally responsible. (recycling)

The use of cut flowers come with so many issues. Greenhouses in this country that focus on cut flowers often use an overabundance of fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.
These practices are even more dire overseas where DDT is still used regularly. These practices are unhealthy for our planet.

Orchids for Hire offers an orchid concierge service, a customized care program for all your orchid needs.

Designed to help you achieve the ultimate results for your orchids.
This unique service includes one on one direction by our orchid experts. All supplies will be included as well as on call support for problem solving.

Our concierge service is tailored to your individual orchid needs. We educate you on how to maintain your orchids to their fullest beauty and potential!

This exclusive service includes advanced care instruction.

We delight in sharing the secrets of caring for and reblooming techniques with your orchids.

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Concierge Service
Concierge Service
(with orchid purchase)

Initial visit:        $175.00 
price inlcudes one orchid

Follow up visit:  included
Concierge Service
(without orchid purchase)

Initial visit:       $100.00

Follow up visit:  $50.00

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